IPL Hair Removal

We provide Ecolite IPL Hair Removal treatments

We at Blueline Training Academy understand that when you have unwanted body hair, you want to find a solution that’s effective and easy, WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! IPL is a fast and safe solution for embarrassing and unwanted facial and body hair put an end to regular and time consuming shaving, waxing and facial hair bleaching.

IPL hair removal is a treatment that uses light to prevent hair from growing. It is done by using very intense flashes of light which over time disrupts follicles ability to produce new hair. Once complete the effects of IPL are proven to be very long lasting, often requiring only one or two top up sessions per year. Our therapists are caring and highly experienced and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. For us it’s all about finding the right solution that is best for you. We offer our clients a free consultation and patch test with no obligation to book.

We can then identify your concerns and tailor make you an affordable package for your needs. Please note, IPL is long lasting hair removal but is NOT permanent.

After successful IPL treatment, one or two top up sessions per year would probably be required. Call our friendly team today to book a FREE consultation and find out what we can offer you!

Upper Lip/Chin/
Full Face £100
Underarms £50
Full Arms £70
Half Arm £75
Full Legs £110
Half Legs £55
Bikini Line £30
Brazilian Bikini £80
Hollywood £100
Full Buttocks £40
Lower Back £35
Full Back £70
Stomach/Half Chest/Hands & Fingers/Feet & Toes £20

****** All treatments require a FREE patch test and consultation ******